Healing for the mind

Hot springs are known to have healing properties for physical ailments, but before they became a tourist destination, they were mainly used to nurture the body and mind.
Iwatoya Natural Hot Spring
A natural hot spring with roots in the Japanese legend of Amano-Iwato. This hot spring offers many ways to relax and recharge, from the open-air stone bath to a spacious jet bath on the balcony and a sauna.
Open-air bath
The rejuvenating water is complemented by stunning seasonal scenery
The source of this natural radon hot spring has been chosen for its history as a bathing area in ancient times.
Bath house
Soft water that feels good on the skin
With gigantic floor-to-ceiling glass on all sides, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the scenery outside while you enjoy a soak in this bath house.
● Jet bath on the outdoor balcony (medicinal herb bath)
● Jet bath
● Cold water bath
● Steam sauna
● Changing rooms
Adult (age 13 and over) ¥700 (including tax)
Child (age 4-12) ¥400 (including tax)
Infant (under age 4) Free
※Discounts: Admission is ¥600 (including tax) for persons aged 65 and over and persons with disabilities (proof of age is required)
Citizens of Akitakata City are eligible for a discounted rate on weekdays
Adult (age 13 and over) ¥350 (including tax)
Child (age 4-12) ¥200 (including tax)
※This discount is available Monday to Friday for persons living in Akitakata City. It is also available as a family or group discount for persons living in Akitakata City. Please provide proof of residence in Akitakata City, such as a driver’s license.
●Discount set of 10 tickets ¥6,000 (including tax)
●Face towel (purchase) ¥150 (including tax)
●Bath towel rental ¥100 (including tax)
Opening hours and days
Day bathing
Entry permitted 10:00am-9:00pm (facility closes at 9:30pm)
For overnight guests
Check-in until midnight and 6:00-8:00am the following morning
Open every day
The hot spring may close due to extenuating circumstances, or the hours may be changed depending on the season. Contact the facility on 0826-54-0888 if you would like more details.
*The hot spring is closed for cleaning from 9:30-10:00pm.
Properties and effects of the hot spring water
Simple, weakly radioactive cold mineral spring
Effects that can be expected
Nerve pain, chronic digestive illnesses, hardened arteries, high blood pressure, chronic skin conditions, chronic gynecological conditions, muscle pain, joint pain, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, tight joints, bruises, sprains, hemorrhoids, poor circulation, the recovery period after illnesses, recovery from fatigue, general health, gout, chronic gall bladder conditions, gallstones
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