A gigantic dome just for kagura performances
Enjoy exciting live kagura performances
The jewel in Toji Village’s crown is the Kagura Dome, a dome just for kagura performances where you can enjoy exciting performances all year round, whatever the weather. The dome holds audiences of up to 3,000, and is designed to provide plenty of comfort while you enjoy the show.
(Check the performance schedule for information on dates and times of performances.)
Natural radon hot spring
The area where Toji Village is located has been a hot spring resort since ancient times. During your visit, you can bathe in a hot spring called Iwatoya. Appearing in Ama-no-Iwato, one of the most famous legends acted out in kagura dancing, this natural radon hot spring now has facilities such as an open-air stone bath and a sauna.
Enjoy kagura and cuisine on an overnight stay
Toji Village has an assortment of accommodation plans where you can stay in a building modeled on the Japanese inns of old, relax in the hot spring and enjoy delicious cuisine.
Local cuisine and souvenirs
You’ll find a variety of restaurants and souvenir stores with local specialties from Akitakata City. From fresh local vegetables to game dishes with wild boar or venison to popular ice cream, there are plenty of ways to sample Akitakata’s great local cuisine or take some home with you.
Soak up the atmosphere of a traditional Japanese yose theater
Along with the Kagura Dome, you can watch kagura in a dedicated theater called the Kamukura Theater. In addition to a year-round program of kagura performances that are not performed at the Kagura Dome, Kamukura Theater features a kagura museum where you can learn all about the art of kagura and buy kagura-related goods.
Waraku Kagura Experience Center
At Waraku, you can learn about the pieces performed in the kagura theaters and try kagura for yourself on a mini stage. Kids can make their own kagura goods in the craft studio, and people of all ages can decorate their own ceramics with kagura scenes. (A fee applies in Waraku’s craft studio. Open 10:00am-4:00pm on Sundays, public holidays and days of kagura performances.)
Kenji Kawaguchi Painting Gallery
This gallery owns many works by the late painter Kenji Kawaguchi. A landscape painter who primarily worked with oil and water color paints, Kawaguchi’s specialties included nostalgic Japanese landscapes such as those of the Setouchi area where he grew up, along with scenes from the traditional arts world.
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